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Appreciation Events

Starting on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War in 2010, the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (MPVA) has consistently hosted events to show appreciation for and honor Korean War veterans from the 21 UN allied nations.

The events are intended to express gratitude and respect for the invaluable contributions and sacrifices made by UN Korean War veterans, who played such a crucial role in safeguarding the Republic of Korea in a time of great crisis.

The Republic of Korea also utilizes these opportunities to reinforce its alliances with those nations and pursue more cooperative partnerships in the future.

These events are hosted under the responsibility of the heads of diplomatic missions in allied countries and in close collaboration with local governments, which offer support and assistance in determining symbolic and meaningful locations for the events, among others.

Local programs held to show appreciation for and honor those who participated in the Korean War offer an invaluable opportunity for the Republic of Korea to consolidate its relationships with UN allies and strengthen future-oriented cooperative ties with these nations, and express to the international community Korea's deep and sincere gratitude over the helping hand extended by other countries when it was in desperate need.