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Publications on Korean War Participation History

Publication of Books on the UN Force Participation in the Korean War

To pay tribute to 21 United Nations allied countries that sent troops and medical assistance to Korea during the Korean War by compiling their war participation history. The MPVA intends to honor and commemorate the services of those noble heroes who defended the peace and freedom of the Republic of Korea and strengthen the ties forged between our nations.
  • Political and social situation of Korea from National Independence to the Korean War
  • The circumstances of each Nation's decisions to participate in the war, outline of the political processes, the raising of army, naval and air force units, the nature of the individual serviceman
  • Participation for each nation's armed forces during the war years; the battles fought; the life of the serviceman on the ground, at sea, in the air; common bonds and experiences; the impact on families and public opinion at home; thoughts of their enemies
  • Post-war diplomatic, economic, and cultural interchange between South Korea and the participating nations