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Revisit Korea Program

The goal of Revisit Korea Program is to express gratitude to Korean War veterans from 21 UN allied nations and build their pride by allowing them to witness how Korea enjoys peace and prosperity thanks to their noble sacrifices and dedication.
Korean War veteran and one family member as a caregiver for each veteran
Number of veterans invited
Every year about 600 people are invited to Korea. Since the beginning of the program in 1975, 30,000 UN Korean War veterans have been invited through this program.
50% of airfare cost for a veteran and 30% for a guest family member as a caregiver will be covered by the Government.
* The Government will fully pay the airfare of Veterans and family members coming from Ethiopia, India, Colombia and Turkey.
  • Visit to the Seoul National Cemetery, the War Memorial, and Panmunjom (the site of armistice negotiations)
  • Visit to battle sites relevant to each participating nation, wreath-laying and remembrance ceremonies
  • Official receptions and awards banquets, including recognition by the Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs