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Invasion of North Korea

The war monument for the Australia 3rd Battalion located in Gapyung-gun Jukdun-ri

At the dawn of June 25, 1950, North Korean forces began the sudden invasion of South Korea.
North Korean forces premeditated the invasion and started the attack targeting Seoul.
North Korea tried to conceal the fact that they launched a provocative and premeditated invasion to South Korea and hold the South accountable for the war by claiming that they launched a counterattack as South Korea invaded the North.
However, numerous evidence shows that the North's claim is all false.
In particular, relevant data released by communist nations, especially Russia, after the war clearly shows that the Soviet Union, China and North Korea premeditated the war and began the invasion to South Korea.
Moreover, a large number of communist officials who participated in the war testified that North Korea invaded South Korea.
Also, the former President of Russia Boris N. Yeltsin provided the former President of Korea Kim Young-sam, who was on his state visit to Russia in 1994, with classified documentation related to the Korean War that says the war began as Joseph V. Stalin approved Kim Il-sung's request.
Therefore, those who insisted that South Korea invaded the North lost the grounds to their claim. On June 26, 1950, Uijeongbu, a city located just north of Seoul, was captured by the North Korean forces.
The South Korean forces made utmost efforts to establish a defensive post. At night of June 27, 1950, the North Korean forces resumed the attack and at the dawn of June 28, 1950, Seoul fell into the hands of North Korean forces.