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Incheon Landing Operation and Recapture of Seoul

Gen. MacArthur and his assistants to command
the landing operation from the warship
"Mt. McKinley"

The UN forces planned on this operation to besiege and attack the enemy.
The core of the plan was to have the 1st US Marine Division take on the landing, targeting Incheon and Seoul, and conduct simultaneous operations in cooperation with the 8th US Army at the Nakdong River battle line.
The Incheon Landing Operation served as a stepping-stone to the US forces' advance to Seoul.
As the UN and South Korean forces began the offensive battle for Seoul, North Korean forces took on the defensive with 20000 troops.
The two sides had fierce battles over Seoul, and in the end, the UN and South Korean forces recaptured Seoul two weeks after the Incheon Landing Operation.
The following day, on September 29, a ceremony was held to commemorate the recapture of Seoul.