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Advance to Pyongyang and Yalu River

The ceremony for the entrance to Pyongyang that President Lee Seung-man attended

After they decided on the breakthrough of the 38th parallel and the advance to the North, the operation to capture Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea, was executed by the UN and South Korean forces. In October, 1950, the UN and South Korean forces thought the war would be over by Thanksgiving Day in their victory.
However, it was frustrated by the Chinese forces' sudden attack.
Then, there was a stalemate at the battle line as the Chinese forces disappeared unexpectedly.General MacArthur planned to end the war before the Chinese forces took on another offensive. He thought that with the final operation, they would end the war in ten days and return home by Christmas. To this end, the UN and South Korean forces carried out the Christmas offensive on November 24.
However, they were faced with another sudden attack by the Chinese forces and had to retreat southward.