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Financial benefits are provided to ensure the livelihood of Persons with Distinguished Service to the State or their bereaved families and dependants. The benefit consists of veteran pension and allowances, and the amount corresponds to the level of sacrifice and contribution.
Medical Care
MPVA operates Veterans hospitals in Seoul, Pusan, Gwangju, Daegu, and Daejeon areas to provide medical services to Independence Movement Activists, disabled veterans and policemen, veterans and their families. Also, patriots and veterans living in remote areas can receive medical services through MPVA-commissioned regional hospitals. MPVA also promptly provide disabled veterans with modern wheel chairs and prosthetic aids in order to enhance their mobility and quality of life.
Education Support
MPVA provides educational support to Persons of Distinguished Service to the Nation, their spouses and children, who are enrolled in primary, secondary, and tertiary schools. Assistance is provided in the form of tuition, education allowances, and scholarships.
Employment Assistance
We provide employment assistance for Independence Movement Activists, disabled veterans, and their families so they can enjoy economic security.
Loan Benefits
Concessional loans are extended to Patriots of the Independent Movement, disabled service members and police officers, veterans, and their bereaved families to help them with housing and financial self-support.
Burial and Memorial Benefits
Individuals who have made a great contribution to the nation or society are memorialized by being buried in national cemeteries.
Assistance to Meritorious War Veterans
The MPVA run various assistances programs for those who fought in war to protect our nation and the ideal of free democracy. The programs serve to honor the brave men and women and to promote patriotism in our society.
Assistance to Veterans
  • Service members who were discharged after completing their military service in the Vietnam War as defined as in the Military Service Act, or the Military Personnel Act
  • The veterans category to be subdivided corresponding to their service durations as in the mid-term service (5 years or more) or the long-term service (10 years or more)
Bereaved Family Members
We provide support for loans, education, and medical care to veterans who have been discharged after over 5 years of service without any injury or ailments, in order to aid them in their transition to civilian life.