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Head Quarter

  • Spokesperson
  • Policy Advisor to the Minister
Vice Minister General Affairs Division
  • Director General for Patriots and Veterans Association
    • Director for Patriots and Veterans Association
  • Director General for International Cooperation
    • Director for International Cooperation
  • Director for Audit and Inspection
  • Planning and Coordination Office
    • Director for Planning and Finance
    • Director for Regulatory Reform and Legal Affairs
    • Director for Organization and Management Innovation
    • Director for ICT Management
  • Benefits Bureau
    • Benefits Policy Division
    • Employment, Education and Loan Service Division
    • Registration Management Division
  • Commemoration Bureau
    • Commemoration Policy Division
    • Commemoration Project Division
    • Memorial Facilities Division
  • Honor and Legacy Bureau
    • Honor Policy Division
    • National Cemetery Policy Division
    • Patriotic Merit Management Division
    • Patriotic Merit Recognition Division
  • Welfare and Healthcare Bureau
    • Welfare Policy Division
    • Welfare Management Division
    • Healthcare Division
  • Veterans Policy Bureau
    • Veterans Policy Division
    • Veterans Employment Division
    • Veterans Assistance Division

Affiliated Organization

Affiliated Organization
  • Patriots and Veterans Entitlement Commission
    • Office of Patriots and Veterans Entitlement Commission
    • Eligibility Screening Division 1
    • Eligibility Screening Division 2
    • Eligibility Screening Division 3
    • Eligibility Screening Division 4
  • Regional and District Offices of Patriots and Veterans Affairs
    • Seoul Regional Office
      Southern Seoul, Northern Seoul, Southern Gyeonggi, Norhtern Gyeonggi, Eastern Gyeonggi Western Gangwon, Eastern Gangwon, Incheon
    • Busan Regional Office
      Ulsan, Eastern Gyeongnam, Western Gyeongnam
    • Daejeon Regional Office
      Western Chungnam, Eastern Chungnam, Southern Chungbuk, Northern Chungbuk
    • Daegu Regional Office
      Northern Gyeongbuk, Southern Gyeongbuk
    • Gwangju Regional Office
      Eastern Jeonnam, Western jeonnam, Eastern Jeonbuk, Western Jeonbuk
    • Jeju Regional Office
  • National Cemetery Offices
    • Daejeon National Cemetery Office
    • April 19th National Cemetery Management Office
    • March 15th National Cemetery Management Office
    • May 18th National Cemetery Management Office
    • Yeongcheon National Cemetery Management Office
    • Imsil National Cemetery Management Office
    • Icheon National Cemetery Management Office
    • Sancheong National Cemetery Management Office
    • Sinam National Cemetery Management Office